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Daryk Academy will always have Summer Camps. If anyone is interested, please ask the office.

"Summer Camp"

We are going to have our camp for a month of July. We are accepting the registration.

Start Date:

Monday July 4, 2016 - Friday July 29, 2016

Open: From 9 am- 5 pm

We will offer:

- lunch and snacks

- Materials

Here are our programs:

"Summer Camp"

Camp is meant to be fun and unique experience from your everyday programs and life.

We are offering different daily programs for students. In our camp, We Offer:

1 – One time, Ripley's Aquarium of Canada

2 – One time, Ontario's Science Center

3 – One time, Theater

4 – One time, Apple Picking

5 – One time, Royal Ontario Museum

6 – Four Times, A Robotics Class (Per Week)

7 – Three Times, A Mixed Dance Class (Per Week)

8 – Twice a week, Face Painting Class

9 – Once a week, Textured tapestry thread bracelet

10 – Once a week, Caricaturing Class

11 – A few times, “Game in the park” (Sunny brook Park)

12 – Once a week, French Language (Speaking) Game

13 – Once a week, English Language (Reading) Game

14 - and more....

We will offer:

- lunch and snacks

- Transportation

- Materials

Start Date:

Monday July 4, 2016 - Friday September 2, 2016

Open: From 9 am- 5 pm

Before and after Care:

We also offer before and after care for those who come earlier and leaves later.

With many families, both parents work. In other cases, families consist of one parent and the challenges associated with balancing work life with opportunities for their children can be difficult. We will go to every effort to provide a camp experience that assists families with balancing a busy schedule by offering a variety of programs and service options that are all close to home.

More Information:

Registration can be done for the whole summer, half or Weekly.

"Summer Camp"

"March Break Camp"

We have different camps during the year. Right now we offer our March Break One.

Here is the detail:

Our March Break (14th-18th) Camp:

Option A: Game and Study Package

Option B: Game and Entertainment Package

Costs: Each Package costs $ 250 for 8 hours per day - (5 Days) in total. 

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