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Class schedule


A certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the course.

Course & Accommodation Fees

$ 675 Each week

$ 2700 Per Month

Meal Cost (Extra Option)

$20 Per meal       

$600 per month

One time Hot/cold meal can be provided at the residence location. 

09:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Class schedule may change depending on availability and season.

A class will be a 3 times per week.

There will be a study time, researching, internet surfing and etc in the afternoon time.

There will be a volunteering job in 2 other days in/out of school. There will be different events, shows and more which the students will be participating as volunteers.

  • More info down this page.

Class Level

All levels, beginner to advanced

You will take a placement test on your first day to determine your class level. You may also take this test before your arrival in Toronto.

Student age

Age range16 - 21 years old


Wireless Internet

Studying Area


Course Duration

1-8 weeks



Every Monday 

26 Jun

20 Aug


per week

36 lessons 

per week 

(each lesson 1.5 hrs.)

Class days

Mond​ay - Friday


Grammar, phonology, vocabulary, emphasis on communicative methods of learning, cultural and social topics 

Course Topic

Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar

Course Description

A dynamic course which gives our students just the boost they need to become more confident in their language skills. Our courses place a lot of emphasis on fluency, and our teachers use discussions, debates, games, role plays, as well as authentic learning materials appealing to groups. Classes also revise and build on previously learnt grammar and develop students' vocabulary.

The learning journey continues as soon as classes finish! With our comprehensive leisure programme students have the opportunity to really discover their chosen destination. A two-month language course generally includes a big variety of activities.

Some of the activities which will be provided on weekends included in the Toronto Leisure Program include sports, sightseeing, museums, shopping tours, cinema, picnic, and many more activities.

Visa Support

We cannot apply for visas on behalf of students. However, the school can supply you with all the documentation you need to support your visa application.

 The school can suggest very well known law office and exports to apply for the visa.

Flights & Airport Transfer

Please note that we do not book flights for our students but we do suggest very trusted agencies in case of purchasing a ticket.

Travel Insurance

When you book a course with us, you can opt to purchase an international insurance plan that covers not only your health care cost but also loss of your personal belongings. You must book your insurance in advance when you register. The school will provide you different companies an options.

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