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We Sponsor our hardworking team for the Competition at "First Robotics Canada" (FRC) Tournament

Robotics Club

We invite you to the challenge!

Levels: Basic - Intermediate - Advance

Ages: All ages from 4 & up

Experience No Experience Required

We help them design and build robots to play a sport. Once built, the robots compete in a sports tournament at the end of each term. Our Academy experience is an engaging way to learn about science, technology, engineering and math. It leverages the best aspects of sports and competition with learning. Most importantly, these classes are incredibly fun!

While building robots to play these sports, participants will develop multiple skills including:

  • Robot design

  • Mechanical assembly

  • Electronics

  • Programming

  • Systematic troubleshooting

  • Design review and iteration

  • Strategic goal setting

  • Project management

  • Research

  • Effective teamwork

  • Organization and time management

Daily routine for each class:

Instructors and students perform “Stand-Up Meeting” to set goals for the day.Robot building, programming and testing session. Instructors provide comprehensive mentor ship Summarizing what they did on that day, and what will be the next step for reaching their goal

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