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"Tutoring Classes"

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We care about your child. We offer one by one Tutoring Classes or group classes.

  • The one by one classes are good for those who need to learn from the beginning.

  • The Group Classes are good for the time that students need to practice together closed to the exam duration.

  • Most of our teachers are highly educated from different universities around the world, from Paris, USA, Iran, Dubai and South America

English Teachers:

  • All of our teachers are very well experienced in their careers and profession.

  • Most of our English teachers are "TESOL" or "TTC" Certified.

French Teachers:

All of our wonderful French teachers are holding BAs in French with more than 10 years experience in their careers.

They are hard working and eager to teach what they know.

They love seeing the children improvement in their paths.

  • They are Professional and reliable and have many years of experience.

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