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"Adult Classes"

From the Art to language, Daryk Academy offers different subjects. The Art classes have different topics and subjects which has explained every details on its page.


Teachers are very professional on teaching different topics. They know different techniques when it comes to the crafts. They are patient and generous. They feel satisfy when their students learn what they have learnt before.

Visual arts education helps children acquire visual literacy and develops their creative potential. Students develop their abilities to symbolize, express and communicate through images as they create personal and media works and appreciate those of classmates and other artists. 

Music occupies an important place in the lives of young people. It is a source of special experiences that bring together sensations, emotions and aesthetic judgment. Creating/composing, playing, understanding, appreciating and being sensitive to music represent a specific form of intelligence through which students acquire knowledge about themselves and the world around them.


- All classes are facilitated by a certified and qualified subject teacher.

- Classrooms are highly interactive.

- Provides flexibility and the freedom to learn from anywhere.

- Convenient, effective and aligned with the way students today learn.

Mathematics, Science and Technology programs seek to empower students with a global understanding and its' general applicability to their lives. At its' essence, to inspire scientific inquiry and develop mathematical reasoning so that students may communicate in the language of math and science.

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