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School Policy: (Full and Part Time students) (Internaldfdf

DHSchool has its own policy regarding the tuition. The $500 Registration (application) fee is non refundable.

The fees must be paid completely before school the starting dates.

For domestic and international students, the tuition will not be returned after registration. whether the student enroll or not.

For The international Students who enrolled in a course, there will be no returned. 

For The international Students who did not enroll because of visa rejection, an official letter must be submitted within 3months of rejection to receive a complete return. The request should be from a Parent/Guardian/Lawyer/his-herself (over 18 by the time of the request) in written.

 The  international Student will NOT receive any refund if the processing time of his/her visa application takes more than a year. 


The international Student will receive the complete tuition in case of Immigration rejection. The original rejection letter must be sent through email in 3 months. Later than 3 months the school will not return the whole tuition fee.


For those who register from the Middle of the year, (second term) there will be the same rule as the second term will be the first term for those students.

For those who register from the Middle/Primary School, the registration policy will be the same.



* The $250 non-refundable fee will be added for the application at the beginning. 


* The $500 non-refundable fee will be added for the application at the beginning. 

Important note:

By signing the registration application you, A Parent/guardian/student (over 18), agreed that you read all information regarding the registration including the tuition fee and agreed on all terms and conditions.


Children under the age of 18 are considered minors in Canada. They must follow the same rules to enter Canada as any other visitor. In addition to the documents needed to enter Canada, a minor will need additional documents if s/he is less than 18 years of age and comes to Canada to study without a parent or legal guardian. The minor must be cared for by a responsible adult in Canada. This person is known as a custodian.

Custodianship requires that legal arrangements be made to give the custodian in Canada permission to act in place of a parent.

Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requires that a custodian must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada over the age of 19.

Daryk High School requires:

  • students must have a custodian assigned for the entire period of study, regardless of age.

For the purposes of studying at Daryk High School, the Custodian Declaration form (Parent & Custodian) must be submitted in this case (even if the child will reside with a parent), and the custodian must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident over the age of 25 and must reside within a reasonable distance of the student if not living at the same location. If the custodian cannot fulfill this role, another custodian must be appointed.

The role of the custodian includes regular care, support and supervision of the student at all times. This includes school-related, personal and medical emergencies as required.

Expectations of a custodian are:

  • Attend any meetings and/or appointments required by the school or International Education Services relating to the student

  • Responding to and attending medical and emergency situations at school and otherwise

  • Assist the student in finding medical care

  • Provide parental advice to student regarding school program and activities, and attend parent/teacher interviews

  • Provide consent as needed by the school for academic program and activities

  • Report absences and provide authorization to the school as required

  • Maintain a copy of the student’s timetable, and provide consent for timetable changes

  • Receive, review and sign the student’s report card

  • Advise parents immediately of any school-related, behavioural or emotional issues impacting the student

  • Assist the student in ensuring all textbooks, musical instruments and any other school supplies are returned to the school by the student at the conclusion of each semester/term

  • Advocate for the student on behalf of parents

  • Maintain up-to-date contact information with the school and International Education Services, and provide an additional emergency contact

  • Maintain a copy of the medical insurance policy

All minor applicants must supply a notarized Custodian Declaration —one signed by the parents or legal guardians in the country of origin, as well as one signed by the custodian in Canada—stating that arrangements have been made for the custodian to act in place of a parent.

Where the custodian is arranged through Daryk High School, the Custodianship Declaration Form (Custodian) will be issued, initially, by International Education Services for visa purposes.

Daryk High School will also issue the Education Services Agreement which must be signed by the custodian (Education Designate), parents and student. ​​​​​​

Please read the following important rules about custodianship.

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