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Upcoming Youth Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested to serve community by guiding and helping participant in different events,
let us know.

Volunteering Requirements:

If a volunteer is older than 18, he/she needs to have:

• A Police Reference Check

• A filled form of Volunteering

• A filled form of Photo consent

• 2 References

• Reasons of volunteering

Volunteering Forms:

1- Fill up these Forms

2- Email them back to school

3- Students and adults need to 

     fill the photo consent

4- You will be notified your schedule soon

Volunteer Opportunities

Join the Daryk team of volunteers and

make your contribution!

Get outdoors and earn high school volunteer hours!

High School Students

All high schools students must complete 40 hours of community involvement by the time they graduate from Grade 12. Some students may begin to accumulate volunteer hours in the summer between Grade 8 and Grade 9.

Why do students need 40 community hours?

Community hours encourages awareness of civic responsibility, and gives the students opportunities to make valuable contributions to their communities. 

  • Graduation requirement

  • Encourage civic engagement

  • Valuable contribution to your community

  • Develop skills (e.g., communication, interpersonal)

  • Explore interests + Connection to pathway​

  • ​​Community Involvement is designed to benefit the community​  


  • Participants must be 14 years of age or older

  • Participants must be returning to a high school the following school year


  • Evening and weekend events in the spring, summer and fall

  • Full day events in the summer

Ineligible Activities

  •  Activities that would normally be performed for wages by a person in the workplace

  • Activities during instructional/ class time within the school day

  • Required activities of a course where you earn a credit

  • Participating on school sports teams or clubs

  • Experiential learning (e.g. “Take Our Kids to Work Day”, job shadow, co-op)

  • Regular family responsibilities (chores)

  • Court ordered community service programs​​

Benefits For Students

  • Enhances self-confidence

  • Enhances self-esteem

  • Reinforces civic responsibility

  • Strengthens the community

  • Allows students to learn new skills

  • Students gain valuable work experience

  • Provides networking opportunities for future employment


  • must complete hours outside of class time

  • must not be part of a credit course

  • must be unpaid activities

  • must be completed by end of Grade 12

Adult Volunteer

If you are looking to have an opportunities to work as a volunteer in our school, please send your request with your resume via email. 
We will get in touch with you in 2 business days.


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